Skin Care Myths Busted During Humid Weather

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Onset of monsoon brings with it fresh aura of pleasant weather and cravings to indulge in savoring spicy chaat over warm cuppa or tea, its time to go free spirited and indulge but this is also the time when you skin becomes more demanding and screams for your rapt attention. 
Humid weather is amenable weather when harmful bacteria flourishes and remains in the air for prolonged period, pollution level is also on raise during this time which is not very healthy for your skin. Lack of right information and apt knowledge many fall prey to picking beauty products that are not meant for their skin or embrace a skin care regime harms the skin than helping, many myths also come attached with monsoon skin care.  We through this write up have tried to debunk common monsoon blunders and monsoon skin care essentials along with dos and dont’s. 

Myth: Don’t invest in moisturizer because you don’t need it. Most people don’t apply  moisturizer during humid climate because they either believe that this would make their skin oily or patchy. This may look strange but fact is that your skin needs moisturizer for hydration , by using gel based moisturizer you will be protecting your skin against dryness and dehydration. 
Myth: Skip Sunscreen.You don’t need sunscreen when sun is not shining on you and behind the clouds, its totally wrong and truth remains that clouds don’t stop  UVA and UVB rays from thesun that cause actual harm. Technically speaking, it’s not actually the sunlight that causes damage to your skin, but the not-visible-by-naked-eyes Ultraviolet Rays. UVA rays penetrate deep into skin and causes serious conditions like skin cancer, even when its rain overcast. So, always invest in good sunscreen, you could go for gel based sunscreen.Myth: Drenching in the rain is good for your skin and rain water is very fresh and pure. 

About two hundred years ago may be this statement held some substance but not now at a time when clouds are polluted too and millions of harmful gases are left in the air constantly. Rain water can only trigger allergies and cause skin woes more. So abandon the idea of getting drenched in humid weather. 

Do’s and Don’ts for your skin in the Monsoon Use an antibacterial face wash or soap. This would keep your skin bacteria-free, meaning, lesschance of acne breakout. Take Vitamin C supplements. Vitamin C boosts your immune system which will keep skininfections at bay.
 Use Aloe Vera or any other gel-based moisturizer. This is especially helpful if you’ve got an oilyskin. Aloe Vera also has anti-bacterial properties. Exfoliate your skin during monsoon. If you exfoliate once or twice a week, bring that up to four; but not more than four or you would scrub off healthy cells. If you never felt the need toexfoliate before, now’s the time to start. Stop touching your face repeatedly, if you really have to, than wash your hands first. Use disposable wipes or tissues to wipe your face in place of a cloth/towel, whenever you can.During humid climate sweat drenched towels take longer to dry and become breeding grounds for bacteria, please use fresh towels only. You must cover your face with a pollution mask while going out. Because of overcast skies, pollution levels increase and pollution penetrates in the pores responsible for problems like clogged pores and blackheads. Improve your water intake, fresh fruits, vegetable , avoid spicy, fried and oily foods. 

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