Types of Waxing and Benefits of Waxing

Waxing has been a traditional method of taking out unwanted hair from different parts of body.
At PERSONA we use different waxes to cater to all needs.

We have regular sugar waxes which are water based and we use talcum on the clean and dry skin and on that we apply thin layer of wax along with the hair growth direction and pull it in opposite direction using disposable strips ,which has been heated in temperature controlled wax heater and we use water which has dettol mixed in it to clean the skin and apply astringent or calamine or aloe gel to soothe the skin.

Secondly we use hydro-lipid waxes which are a combination of oil and water base. They are more softer on the skin.

Thirdly is a Lipid waxes. We are using Lipid wax by Rica and Lipid wax by La well. These waxes are oil based and are the softest on skin. Pre wax is used to dehydrate the area to be waxed and then wax applied and removed using disposable strips and cleaned with a post wax oil. It leaves the skin softer and helps in anti tanning effect also.


Brazilian wax is the waxing for the bikini area. Ideally recommended wax is the Brazilian wax which is a strip free waxing . It is quite painless and leaves the skin soft and supple. At Persona we are using Lipid wax with strip and Brazilian wax without strip.

Benefits of waxing

1. delayed hair growth
2. lasts longer compared to shaving or cream
3. no razor cuts to be scared of
4. it pulls the hair from roots
5. no skin discoloration
6. reduces ingrown hair
7. decreases hair growth over time
8. exfoliates skin leaving bright skin
9. hair growth after waxing is thinner and softer
10. good for sensitive skins and sensitive areas

Pro tip — If you are getting waxing done and scared please take a patch test. Especially before marriage do not try waxing on new areas which you are not used to. And if you plan waxing for the new areas advised to take a patch minimum one month prior.Last moment waxing can at times leave you with allergic reactions which would take time to subside.

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